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Mother Muffin Salmon $8.50

Our Own house cured Salmon, there’s Muffin Like it. Cucumber Dill Spread, Capers & Onions.

Zaatar and Friends $4.80

Fresh Mint, sliced Cucumber, whipped Feta Spread, vine ripen Tomatoes... This best kept arrangement is tied with “Sezty” Za’atar

Sujoo $7.50

Spicy Beef Sausage, Fresh Tomatoes, Feta Spread, Fresh Basil and an Over Medium Egg.

Americano $6.50

It’s for the Classic ones, Cheesy, and Crisp Bacon done right with an Over medium egg. Times can change, but this Muff is timeless. Mayo included.

No Mames $8.50

We went Impossible.. took Chorizo and Gave it our own Twist. with Cilantro Aioli and Pepper Jack Cheese. Chef Recommends to Add Avocado

Elvis Prestine $5.60

Thick-cut applewood smoked Bacon with Nutella & Banana. If Elvis was around he’d probably beat you to it.

Muffin S'more $4.50

Nutty Butter Marshmallow Fluff and Strawberry Jam. Let your inner child satisfy the craving.

Madame Muff $6.50

Tavern Turkey n Cheddar Cheese Muffin with fresh Spinach and Mayonnaise


Vaccino $4.85

Double Espresso with your choice of milk. Topped with whipped concentrated Coffee. (Iced or Hot)

Cubano $3.50

Double shot of Espresso with condensed milk and froth. (Iced or Hot)

Carma $4.85

Double shot of Espresso with Caramel Foam (Iced or Hot)

Horchata $4.85

Double Espresso with Cinnamon Rice oat milk. Comes with whip on top. (Iced or Hot)

Crack me Up $5.20

Trippple Espresso, vanilla shaken with your choice of creamer. (Iced or Hot)


Bottled Water $1.85

Peach Green Tea $3.85

Dehydrated fruits/ Floral tones and Green tea Leaves

Mint & Berry Hibiscus $3.85

Mixed Berries, Hibiscus Tones and Yerba Mate Leaves

Watermelon Lime $3.85

Hitting tones of Chili and

Our every meal has
its own unique story we want
to share with you

Muffin Can Stop Us
was a concept

created due to seeking various types of flavors for breakfast every time I would wake up in a different Mood. If created right English Muffin can be highly appreciated as a perfect wake up call to your day. Why not take various cultures of cuisines and squeeze it into these perfectly toasted, buttery slices of bread.

It has been a project brewing in our kitchen for the past few years. Now, more than ever was time for us to come together and bring this concept to life. It's simple but done right, which is what our team is specialized in. So get up pick up your phone and order up. But don't be late, these muffins don't stop to wait for no one.

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